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The Problem With Launching New Products

According to Entrepreneur, 72% of new products fail to meet revenue targets. This is, in part, due to lack of drive needed to initially launch the campaign. Gone are the days when you can just draft a press release and then sit back and hope for the best. Nor can you just rely on your Instagram page, without the help from other sources, to usher in an avalanche of product sales for you. Without a strong foundation for your products, you simply cannot begin to build a stable structure for your business or dependable customer base. You’ve spent so much time creating your product, why not spend as much time making sure you get a return on your investment by implementing the right product launch strategy?

Beauty Maestros Is Here for You!

Luckily, Beauty Maestros has the perfect solution for you! Your fantastic new product simply needs a stable launching pad to soar to greater heights and a proper introduction to the public with its very own fabulous first birthday party. Beauty Maestros will make your product’s first impression a groundbreaking one by equipping you with a strategic launch strategy. With some foresight and strategic planning, Beauty Maestros can help you create a tidal wave of excitement around your creation, even before the official release of your new products.

Who and What is Beauty Maestros?

Beauty Maestros is a dedicated organization designed to grow and expand the businesses of beauty and fashion industry entrepreneurs and brands.  Beauty Maestros is backed by the 10+ year track record of results-driven product promotions, branding and public relations firm Brainchild Associates, which has launched more than 100 new products, services, and event properties.  Adopting Brainchild’s 360° product launch formula, Beauty Maestros product launches have amassed millions in sales revenues and billions in media impressions and online reach.  From the pre-launch to the post-launch, Beauty Maestros will  ensure your product launches with impact, ease, and within budget to ensure a homerun with product sales.  

What is the Beauty Maestros Product Launch Success Secret?

Well, when you become apart of and are supported by Beauty Maestros, our 360° product launch formula builds the right amount of traction and ramp-up to ensure that your new products dominate the industry! Think Fenty Beauty by Rihanna’s “Beauty for All” campaign and the chatter surrounding it before and after it hit the market. It first garnered a mysterious wonderment before its launch with Rihanna’s personal fanbase, then, she launched a party to unveil the finished products, inviting who’s who of the beauty industry — vloggers, bloggers, magazine editors, beauty gurus, and more. Once her photo campaigns and product reviews stormed the net, the entire beauty industry was in love. Now, other well known-brands are scrambling to compete. That’s the revving-up that your engine needs for a successful product launch and we have you covered with our Beauty Maestros Product Launch Success Plan!

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With your customized Beauty Maestros Product Launch Success Plan, your new products can make their groundbreaking mark on the industry from the start. Upon conducting a complimentary briefing session with you, our team of product launch specialists will prepare a customized 360°
strategic plan tailored for your soon to launch products.  

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