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Brainchild Associates Launches New Marketing Solution
for Stretched Budgets, BrainPrint™
Communications firm tailors strategies to empower companies to make
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(ATLANTA) – In a recent report titled “Recessionary Marketing:  How Best-in-Class Companies are Weathering the Storm,” The Aberdeen Group found that 82 percent of companies have reallocated their planned marketing spending for 2009.  Additionally, 60 percent of the respondents cut previous marketing spending on traditional media.  In response to this growing trend as companies continue to adjust to the current recession, Brainchild Associates, a communications firm that focuses on innovative public relations and marketing solutions, has launched BrainPrint™.  BrainPrint is a strategic approach to identifying the hard hitting marketing tactics that new and existing companies can employ to remain proactive during the economic downturn.

BrainPrint is a comprehensive plan that takes all of the guesswork out of marketing.  Now is the time for companies to respond to the exit of competitors by increasing market share and BrainPrint is designed to give any company, including those with limited internal resources, the strategic action plans for effective and targeted outreach.  BrainPrint is available in four categories:  strategic marketing, online marketing, publicity and executive visibility. 

Aberdeen’s study also found that 63 percent of companies plan to increase their social marketing budgets in 2009, despite the current weakness in the economy.  Online marketing has emerged as a premium way to achieve low cost visibility, and BrainPrint provides a roadmap to navigating the nuances of this newest communication tool.  BrainPrint clients will benefit also from:

  • A comprehensive consultation;
  • Review of existing marketing materials, including Web site;
  • Comprehensive lists of targeted media contacts, bloggers and online influencers;
  • 12-month outreach strategy, including tactics and execution timelines;
  • SEO and “media-genic” press materials; and
  • Media handling tip sheets

“Innovation is born during difficult times and many entrepreneurs are identifying business opportunities in today’s market, but they need the right plan to create visibility for products and services,” Tori Allen, Founder and CEO of Brainchild Associates, explained.  “The BrainPrint gives clients the ability to leverage a variety of communication tools to penetrate target audiences, both online and offline.  No one can afford to let their marketing efforts stall right now and using a BrainPrint ensures that will not happen.”

For more information on Brainchild Associates and to schedule a meeting to discuss which BrainPrint fits the needs of your company, contact Andrea Barrett at 678-884-4008 ext.709.


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